It’s vacation time!

It’s time to finally pack my bags and go, nice weather, new landscapes and seascapes are waiting for me! A week of travel ahead!

As planned, I’m packing three Pentax film SLRs, a panoramic and compact film camera, and a Canon DSLR. I took eight lenses for those two systems, and eight rolls of film. It should be enough!

I expect mostly nice and sunny weather, I took mostly low-ISO film. For really low-light conditions, I’ll simply use a digital camera. Digital camera (and my phone!) will serve for snapshots, as well, leaving space for a bit more expensive film, this time.

As already planned, I’m taking mostly Pentax system with me, this time – Pentax MZ-S for me, Pentax MZ-5 and SFXn for my SO. Horizon 202 panoramic camera, and Soligor AF compact camera as a backup for me. There’s a plan to pick up a camera I’ve lent to a friend, but we’ll see how the plans will unfold.

I’ve loaded a roll of slightly expired Agfa Vista+ 400, 24 frames, into panoramic Horizon 202. Faster 400 ASA film should be enough for faster shutter speed (Horizon has basically only two swing speeds). so I can use it hand-held. I took a fresh roll of Kodak ColorPlus 200 as a backup film, for whatever need arises, or as a film for a backup camera – Soligor compact. My two primary films are Silberra Color 50 and Konica VX100 expired some 18 years ago. The plan is to shoot it rated at ISO 40, so I’ll have ISO 40 and ISO 50 films with me – shouldn’t be too challenging, I hope!

My SO isn’t a cheap-ass like me, she took her Kodak Portra 160, Cinestill 50D and Revolog Streak films with her, and a roll of Kodak E100 already in the camera.

The plan was to take 24mm, 28mm, 50mm and 100mm AF lenses for Pentax cameras, and 24-70mm and 50mm lenses for a Canon digital camera. The plan survived, but I’ve added additional lenses, both for film Pentaxes – 28-70mm F4 zoom and 20mm F4 manual focus lens. That’ll expand wide-angle coverage to nice and wide 20mm at the widest point, albeit, in a fully manual focus lens.

Now, it’s vacationing time, and let’s see how my ideas will work in practice.