Nikon 1 mount lenses

Nikon 1 mount is a lens mount designed in 2011 for digital mirrorless cameras with 1″ sensors, sized 13.2mm × 8.8mm – CX mount, with a crop factor of 2.7×. It is a bayonet mount with three tabs, a throat diameter of 40mm and a focal flange depth of 17mm, making it one of the shortest mounts. It uses a fully digital protocol, with no mechanical linkages between the camera and the lens.

Nikon 1 lenses

  • 1 Nikkor 6.7–‍13mm F3.5–‍5.6 VR 18–‍35mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 10mm F2.8 27mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 10mm F2.8 AW 27mm-equivalent, all-weather lens
  • 1 Nikkor 10–‍30mm F3.5–‍5.6 VR ~27–‍80mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 10–‍30mm F3.5–‍5.6 VR PD-Zoom ~27–‍80mm-equivalent, power-zoom
  • 1 Nikkor 10–‍100mm F4–‍5.6 VR 27–‍270mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 10–‍100mm F4.5–‍5.6 VR PD-Zoom 27–‍270mm-equivalent, power-zoom
  • 1 Nikkor 11–‍27.5mm F3.5–‍5.6 AW ~30–‍75mm-equivalent, all-weather lens
  • 1 Nikkor 18.5mm F1.8 50mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 30–‍110m F3.8–‍5.6 VR ~80–‍300mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 32mm F1.2 ~85mm-equivalent
  • 1 Nikkor 70–‍300mm F4.5–‍5.6 VR ~190–‍810mm-equivalent


Last update: 14. 5. 2023.