Pentax 110 mount lenses

Pentax 110 mount lenses

Pentax 110 mount is a fully automatic lens mount designed in 1978 for 110 format film, for 13×17mm image size. It is the only complete miniature, interchangeable-lens SLR system manufactured for the 110 format. The mount has two tabs and a focal flange distance of 27mm. Lenses don’t have an adjustable aperture, the camera body has a leaf shutter that is used as an aperture. There is no communication between lenses and a camera.

The crop factor for the Pentax 110 mount is 2×.

Pentax-110 lenses

Since lenses don’t have an adjustable aperture, all lenses feature a fixed ƒ/2.8 design. PF 18mm lens is a pan-focus design, it has no focusing ring, it is focused to a hyperfocal distance – from 1.75m to infinity.

  • Pentax-110 18mm F2.8 35mm-equivalent
  • Pentax-110 PF 18mm F2.8 35mm-equivalent, pan-focus lens
  • Pentax-110 24mm F2.8 ~50mm-equivalent
  • Pentax-110 Zoom 20–‍40mm F2.8 40–‍80mm-equivalent
  • Pentax-110 50mm F2.8 100mm-equivalent
  • Pentax-110 70mm F2.8 140mm-equivalent


Last update: 28. 2. 2023.