Minolta V mount lenses

Minolta V mount lenses

Minolta Vectis V mount is a lens mount designed for APS film. It was introduced in 1996 as the only new mount made for SLR cameras using APS film – all other manufacturers either reused their existing lens mounts or avoided building APS film SLR cameras altogether. There are a total of eight lenses and three cameras made – two APS film cameras, one digital, three prime lenses and five zooms.

V mount has three tabs, a 38mm focal flange distance, and a 39.7mm throat diameter. It has no mechanical linkages between the camera and the lens, it is a fully electronic mount. All lenses have autofocus, including the reflex lens, but not all have a manual focus ring. 17mm lens was introduced with the first digital camera in the system, RD3000, but it can be used on film cameras with no issues.

Minolta made an adapter for using A-mount lenses on V-mount bodies, and until relatively recently, adapting V-mount lenses on modern digital mirrorless systems was not possible. Currently (end of 2022) there are two lens adapters, enabling the usage of V-mount lenses on E-mount cameras.

The crop factor for V mount is 1.25×.

Vectis lenses

  • Minolta V 17mm F3.5 RD 21mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V 22‍–‍80mm F4‍–‍5.6 🔗 28‍–‍100mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V 25‍–‍150mm F4.5‍–‍6.3 ~30‍–‍190mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V 28‍–‍56mm F4‍–‍5.6 35‍–‍70mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V Macro 50mm F3.5 (1:2) 63mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V 56‍–‍170mm F4.5‍–‍5.6 ~70‍–‍210mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V 80‍–‍240mm F4.5‍–‍5.6 Apo 100‍–‍300mm-equivalent
  • Minolta V Reflex 400mm F8 500mm-equivalent


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Last update: 18. 12. 2022.