Who are we?

We are photography enthusiasts rambling about whatever we find interesting, mostly at least related to photography.

Expect posts about technique, posts about equipment, reviews, and photos of gear, but also photos we want to share with the world, as well as photos we found inspiring.

Oh yes, we’re omnivores – we use film, digital, and smartphones. It’s all photography to us.

The crew

Neven Falica – founder, principal author, and driving force behind the project. IT specialist, enthusiast photographer, and 3D printing rookie. Present on Flickr, Instagram, Lomography, and Twitter, mostly active on Mastodon. To find out more about Neven, click here.

Vedran Falica – professional designer, photography enthusiast, potter, dog walker and camping buff. Present (rarely) on Flickr and Instagram.

Morana Marušić – designated researcher, translator, and film developer on this blog. IRL writer, researcher, and editor for an anti-VAW NGO, photography hobbyist, cat mom. Not fun at parties. Like her namesake, the Slavic goddess of death, she too thrives in winter. Present on Twitter, occasionally on Mastodon, Flickr, and Instagram.