Zenza Bronica PG mount lenses

PG mount is a lens mount designed by Zenza Bronica in 1983 for medium format SLR cameras with interchangeable viewfinders and film holders, for use with 120-format film, primarily for 6×7 image size with an aspect ratio of 6:7. It is a bayonet mount with four tabs, with a focal flange distance of 85mm and a throat diameter of 80.5mm. All lenses use an electronic Seiko #0 shutter, which communicates with the body. The lens mount was discontinued in 2002.

Compared to the usual 35mm format, the crop factor of PG mount lenses is approximately 0.5.

Zenzanon-PG lenses

  • Zenzanon-PG 50mm F4.5 ~25mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 65mm F4 🔗 ~33mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 80mm F3.5 🔗 ~40mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 100mm F3.5 🔗 ~50mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 110mm F4 Macro 🔗 ~55mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 150mm F4 ~75mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 200mm F4.5 ~100mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 250mm F5.6 🔗 ~125mm-equivalent
  • Zenzanon-PG 500mm F8 ~250mm-equivalent


Last update: 04.09.2021.