New camera, who dis?

I always wanted a black M-series camera, now I finally have it! 🥰

Black Pentax MV film camera with smc Pentax-M 40mm F2.8 pancake lens

Although the MV sits squarely at the bottom of M-series cameras as the one with the least of features, this one is my only black M-series camera, the latest one, and currently, the only one working with no issues or working at all. It is an aperture-priority-only camera, does not work without batteries except at the fixed 1/100 shutter speed, and does not display the chosen shutter speed in any way except to warn you it dropped below 1/30, it has a big and bright viewfinder, and it is as robustly feeling as any other M-series cameras. I yet have to put a roll of film through it, I have no idea how will it be in practice, but there will be updates about this little gem, sooner rather than later!