Samsung Kenox mount lenses

Samsung Kenox mount lenses

Samsung Kenox mount is a lens mount designed by Samsung in 1997 for 35mm film cameras. For a lens mount designed in the late 1990s, this mount is an oddity – it supports all the automatic features, except autofocus – a very significant feature in the 1990s. The lens mount is a bayonet mount with three tabs, a focal flange distance of 44.5mm, and a throat diameter of 44.7mm. It has five electronic contacts.

Lens mount was discontinued due to poor sales, in 2002. There was only one body ever produced – Samsung Kenox GX-1, or Samsung SR4000 on the North American market.

Some sources say this lens mount is a slightly modified Minolta A-mount, with slightly different lens tabs – lenses mount, lock, focus to infinity on A-mount to Sony E-mount adapters, and even the aperture ring found on the adapter works as expected. Hence info about focal flange distance and throat diameter.


  • Samsung 28–‍70mm F3.5–‍4.5
  • Samsung 28–‍105mm F3.5–‍4.5 unconfirmed if it ever existed in the real world
  • Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm F1.4
  • Samsung 70–‍210mm F4–‍5.6


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Last update: 15. 6. 2021.