Pentax Q mount lenses

Pentax Q mount lenses

Pentax Q mount is a lens mount designed in 2011 for digital mirrorless cameras with 1/2.3″ and 1/1.7″ sensors. Initially, all cameras used a smaller 1/1.23″ sensor (6.17 × 4.55mm), but in 2013 Pentax unveiled the Pentax Q7 camera with a bigger, 1/1.7″ sensor (7.44 × 5.58mm), and kept the same mount and lenses, unmodified. Q mount is a bayonet mount with three tabs a throat diameter of 31mm and a focal flange depth of 9.2mm, making it one of the very few digital camera systems capable of using D-mount lenses made for 8mm movie cameras. Pentax Q mount is fully electronic, with no mechanical connections between the camera and the lens. Since cameras do not have a focal plane shutter, autofocus lenses have a built-in leaf shutter, which is missing in toy lenses and adapters.

There are two crop factors, 5.53× for the 1/2.3″ sensor, and 4.65× for the 1/1.7″ sensor.

Pentax Q mount was unofficially discontinued in 2017.

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Pentax Q lenses

  • 08 Wide Zoom smc Pentax 3.8–‍5.9mm F3.7–‍4 ED AL [IF] ~21–‍32mm-, ~18–‍28mm-equivalent
  • 02 Standard Zoom smc Pentax 5–‍15mm F2.8–‍4.5 ED AL [IF] ~28–‍85mm-, ~24–‍70mm-equivalent
  • 01 Standard Prime smc Pentax 8.5mm F1.9 AL [IF] ~45mm-, ~40mm-equivalent
  • 06 Telephoto Zoom smc Pentax 15–‍45mm F2.8 ED [IF] ~85–‍250mm-, ~70–‍210mm-equivalent

Pentax Q manual focus lenses

Manual focus lenses don’t have a leaf shutter, with those lenses the camera uses an electronic shutter.

  • 03 Fish-eye smc Pentax 3.2mm F5.6 Fish-eye ~18mm-equivalent, 16mm-equivalent
  • 04 Toy Lens Wide 6.3mm F7.1 35mm-, 33mm-equivalent
  • 07 Mount Shield Lens 11.5mm F9 ~64mm-, ~55mm-equivalent
  • 05 Toy Lens Telephoto 18mm F8 100mm-, ~95mm-equivalent


Last update: 14. 5. 2023.