Preparing for vacation!

So, I’m going on a vacation. A week out of town, a week filled with many photo opportunities…

My itinerary says I’m going to Labin, a smallish town in Istria, Croatia for a few days. After that, a day in Rijeka, and finally a few more days in Mandre, on island Pag.

Traditionally, whenever I go on a vacation or on a trip, I take at least one film camera with me, as well as a digital camera of some kind. Like every time, I have to take my significant other’s wishes into account, and she had a roll of Kodak E100 slide film loaded into one of the Pentax SFXn bodies, so I decided to reduce the clutter this time and take mostly Pentax system with me.

My primary camera will be a Pentax MZ-S, with its mid-roll film change capability as a significant feature. I’ll take panoramic Horizon 202, too, and Soligor AF-34 autofocus film compact as a backup/additional camera. Digital needs would be fulfilled with Canon 5D Mark II. My SO has Pentax SFXn already in use and will take the latest addition to the system, Pentax MZ-5.

I’m lugging the usual Pentax-FA lenses – 28mm F2.8, 50mm F1.4 and 100mm F2.8 macro. This time I’ll throw in the latest addition to the system – Sigma AF Super-Wide II 24mm F2.8. It is an entirely untested lens, I do not know what to expect from it, or even if it is really fully working – let’s hope for the best. For Canon DSLR, I’m packing both EF mount lenses I own – Canon EF 50mm F1.4 and Tamron 24–‍70mm F3.3–‍5.6 zoom.

That’ll cover from 24mm on the wide end to 70mm on the tele end digital, and 100mm on film. That should be quite enough!