Hasselblad XPan mount lenses

Hasselblad XPan mount lenses

Hasselblad XPan mount, and its identical twin, the Fujifilm TX lens mount, is a rangefinder mount designed jointly by Hasselblad and Fujifilm in 1998 for panoramic format on a 35mm film – XPan lenses cover 24×65mm panoramic image. It is a bayonet mount with three tabs, it is a rangefinder-coupled with the body, with a focal flange distance of 34.27mm and a throat diameter of 46mm. XPan/TX cameras can shoot standard 24×36mm, and panoramic 24×65mm images on a standard 35mm film roll. The system was discontinued in 2006.

Compared to the usual 35mm format, XPan lenses have approximately 0.56 crop factor, when used in panoramic mode, and only horizontally – vertically, it still uses standard 24mm frame height, nothing changes in that axis.

Lenses are labelled as either Hasselblad or Super-EBC Fujinon, depending on the branding. Except for the branding and colour, they are identical.

XPan lenses

  • Hasselblad/Super-EBC Fujinon 30mm F5.6 ~17mm-equivalent
  • Hasselblad/Super-EBC Fujinon 45mm F4 ~25mm-equivalent
  • Hasselblad/Super-EBC Fujinon 90mm F4 ~50mm-equivalent


Last update: 11. 10. 2021.