DPReview lives on!

After quite some time after the announced shutdown date, DPReview.com has finally found a new owner that will continue with DPReview’s practice. The new owner is Gear Patrol, a review site with more than 15 years of history.

Being in the same gear-reviewing niche, and doing the same job since 2007, the Gear Patrol crew should understand the importance of DPReview. According to the news posted on the DPReview site, it looks like everything stays the same, and that’s a good thing.

As a side note, posted photo shows seven members of the DPReview team, each with a camera in their hands. Two of the members are holding a Pentax camera, and one member holds a film camera. I think there’s some significance in that, but my guess is as good as anyone’s – it’s probably a nod to a vocal Pentax minority complaining about the lack of reviews of Pentax cameras and lenses. A film camera is probably a nod to the film-using minority, indicating that DPReview’s Film Fridays will continue.

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