The end of an era
The end of an era

The end of an era, a staple of digital photography for almost a full quarter of a century, is shutting down. According to the news, DPReview will continue to operate until the 10th of April 2023, after that date, it will operate in read-only mode for a shorter period of time.

Some might say DPReview had biased authors, a toxic community, or their reviews were coming at a too slow rate, but regardless of how much truth is behind any of those claims, the website is a treasure trove of photography gear data, since the early days of consumer digital photography, having such a database gone is a significant loss. Not only reviews, news and historical info, but the community hold a lot of valuable information.

Hopefully, the crew behind the site will continue to work in the field. I expect at least a few more-or-less complete mirrors will pop up around the internet. I plan to gather as much data as I can on my own and use it as a future reference for this site, as well. Not all is lost, but still, this is a huge loss, on a global level.

Such a big loss might not impact everyone the same, but for us who visited DPReview on a regular, daily basis, it is monumental. The sad end of a story.

Update: two of the most visible authors on DPReview, two most prominent faces of DPReviewTV, Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake, are moving to PetaPixel, At least some good news!

Update June 2023: DPReview has new ownership and will continue its work. Read more…