New film: LomoChrome Color’92

Lomography has just released a new colour negative film from their LomoChrome series, a LomoChrome Color’92. It’s an ISO 400 standard C41 film that “provides a burst of retro charm and classic analogue character in any film shooting scenario”, with “fascinating blue hues, vibrant reds and delicate pastel undertones”.

Lomography says it is a hand-crafted film, with no two rolls completely identical, with limited availability. At the moment, the film is available only in 35mm format, but according to Lomography, it will be available in 120 and 110 formats.

LomoChrome Color’92 is available on the Lomography webshop for 12.90€ (without shipping, on the day of release), or at Lomography partners.

Any new film is good news, Lomography is known for consistently keeping up the availability, and the price is on the high side, but still acceptable. All the examples available on the web aren’t giving me a lot to see, but it looks like a combination of Adox Color Mission and LomoChrome Metropolis films. I’ll be ordering a few rolls and will share my impressions here as soon as possible.

Check out the Lomography web shop here, and the Lomography partners link here.