A walk with Adox Color Mission film, April-May 2023.

A walk through a park and a vineyard with an ultra-wide-angle lens and Adox Color Mission film, in early May 2023.

I love how this film handles green hues, but I’m not the biggest fan of its grain, it looks a bit too coarse for 200 ASA film. I see a look of somewhat expired film, but I might be seeing too much, though.

All photos are taken with a Nikon F100 film camera, using an ultra-wide-angle Tokina AT-X Pro 16-28mm F2.8 autofocus lens. Scanned as usual, with Plustek OpticFilm 8100 dedicated film scanned and VueScan.


Type 135 – 35mm (24×36mm) color-negative film; C41 development process, 200 ASA. 36 exposures.

The film has no DX code.

Bundek Park in Zagreb, Croatia; April 2023.
Rečki Gaj vineyard in Jastrebarsko, Croatia; April 2023.
A lake in Erdödy Park in Jastrebarsko, Croatia; May 2023.
Erdödy Castle under scaffolding in Jastrebarsko, Croatia; May 2023.

CameraNikon F100 🔗
LensTokina AT-X 16-28mm F2.8 SD Pro 🔗
FilmAdox Color Mission, 200 ASA 🔗
ScannerPlustek OpticFilm 8100 + VueScan 9.5 🔗
DevelopmentFoto-studio Centar, Ilica 34, Zagreb