Fujifilm discontinues large format Velvia 50 and medium format Pro 160NS

Another one bites the dust – Fujifilm just announced the global discontinuation of Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film in 4×5″ and 8×10″ large formats, and medium format Fujicolor 160NS Professional colour negative film.

The exact dates of discontinuation and final shipping are taken from the official press release, and are as follows:

  • Fujicolor Pro 160NS, 120 format, 5 pack – March 2022.
  • Fujichrome Velvia 50, 4×5″, 20 sheets pack – March 2023.
  • Fujichrome Velvia 50, 8×10″, 20 sheets pack – December 2021.

With this latest discontinuation, large format users are left with Fujichrome Velvia 100, Fujichrome Provia 100F and Kodak Ektachrome 100 as their only slide film options.

This discontinuation is just the latest one in the long list of discontinued films from Fujifilm and leaves only two globally available colour films in large and medium formats – Velvia 100 and Provia 100F.