#FP4Party shoot week recap

We had a week to shoot a roll (or sheet) of Ilford FP4 film, and I chose 135 format roll, with full 36 images to go through.

I started slow, Monday zoomed by, and I haven’t found time for not a single frame, but Tuesday was a good day – I went to a nearby park and took seven photos. Wednesday was not bad, too – took a walk near the marshalling yard, and took another six photos. Thursday was the best – another walk near the marshalling yard, a walk through the park and over the nearby bridge took me a few hours, but that was good for the full fifteen photos, almost half a roll! That adds up to 28 photos, leaving me with ten photos at most, and I had plans for a weekend. So weekend it was, I managed to finish a roll with additional nine photos on Saturday, in my father’s vineyard.

Aside from my zoom and three primes, I’ve added additional zoom, consumer-grade, variable-aperture 70-200mm lens for those days when I couldn’t carry a separate camera bag – basically every day aside last two. I kept the camera in its program mode (or HyperProgram, as Pentax MZ-S calls it). Program mode on this camera generally makes pretty good decisions, biasing more depth of field over fast shutter speeds – just like I would do. I wrote down info about each photo, as I usually do – on my phone, using Exif Notes app, but the camera records exposure info on film borders as well.

All in all, it was quite an intense experience, 36 photos in just four days, a lot of walking around, and working for each shot.

The roll is finished!

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