#FP4Party has started!

It’s that part of the year, it’s time to celebrate Ilford’s FP films, regardless of format. FP4 Party lasts all month, the first week of the month is for shooting, the second for development, the third for posting the photos, and the last for lamentations.

Last year I managed to miss the party, this year I’m prepared. I decided I’ll be using 35mm film in my trusty Pentax MZ-S camera with a few Pentax-FA series lenses – 28/2.8, 50/1.4, 100/2.8 macro and 28-70/4 zoom during the working days, while in the office (and around). I have three rolls prepared, one fresh roll of FP4+ with an expiry date in 2022., one slightly expired with an expiry date in 2012., and one roll of original FP4 film (without “plus”) expired in 1992. I hope to finish at least the first roll this week, but the weather and working schedule aren’t helping me – so far it’s been dull and cloudy, and I’ve yet to leave the office during the fair weather. I have my hopes high for the weekend, there’s still enough time.

Follow the official @FP4Party Twitter account and official #FP4Party hashtag on Twitter for more info!

Also, check out the coverage our friends at Emulsive.org had for past events.

Pentax MZ-S with smc Pentax-FA 28-70/4 AL, smc Pentax-FA 100/2.8 Macro on top, smc Pentax-FA 50/1.4 directly below, smc Pentax-FA 28/2.8 AL on the left, and two rolls of Ilford FP4 film
My gear for the event