Shitty Camera Challenge has started!

It is December, meaning the Shitty Camera Challenge has officially started! This edition of the Challenge revolves around the 1990s. By the rules, “your camera doesn’t need to be shitty this round, it just needs to be introduced between 1990-1999.”

Just to be clear, all info about the Challenge is more-or-less copied directly from this Mastodon post.

There are no limits on the medium, the camera can be digital – provided you can find one from the 1990s!

The Challenge starts on December 1st and ends on January 31st, the idea is to shoot and post photos taken with your 1990s camera during that time.

The official hashtag of the Challenge is #shittycamerachallenge.

The official social media coverage is on Mastodon and on Tumblr.

What makes a camera shitty?

Here’s The Chart that should remove all doubt!

Camera shittyness chart

Basically, if your compact film camera has an ƒ/2.8 or better lens, it definitely isn’t shitty. If it’s a digital compact camera of over 10 megapixels, or a DSLR camera of over 5 megapixels, or with an expensive lens, then definitely isn’t shitty!

With all questions cleared up, start your camera and join The Challenge!