New ultra-wide-angle lens for microFourThirds system announced

As previously rumoured, new “stills” version of Laowa’s 6mm microFourThirds lens has been released. Now we know the price – 500 US$ plus shipping.

Read more about Laowa 6mm F2 C-Dreamer lens in the previous post, this time it’s only about the price. 500 US$ puts this lens on top of the price list as the most expensive of the bunch, all other options for microFourThirds are at least a bit cheaper, but are, inevitably, also at least a bit less wide.

Also, this is the widest native-mount non-fisheye lens for the system, so the price is nothing spectacular, my opinion is that it’s priced very reasonably. I’d have to see a review from to have a firm judgment, but for now, it doesn’t look like it has serious flaws.

No doubt, this lens will see a lot of use, let’s hope Panasonic and Olympus get the idea and start investing some serious time in wide-angle prime lenses, compact lenses and affordable lenses again. The system is far from dying, but it needs some fresh lenses, even after more than a decade, there are still some gaps unfilled.

Source: Just announced: Laowa 6mm f/2 Zero-D MFT for $499 on 4/3 Rumors