A few random shots


Reseau plate experiment, Spotmatic SP


A roll of film from Hasselblad 500c/m.


Foggy forest, cityscapes from Zagreb, Croatia. Late 2012.


Foggy forest near Jastrebarsko, Croatia


One Saturday in July 2012., with DA★60-250


Abandoned buildings on expired Kodak Panther 100 film


Saturday in early October 2011.


Good company, empty city.


InMusic Festival, 2011.


Snowy park in late December 2010.


Testing out smc Pentax-DA 16-45mm F4 lens


Everybody loves fast tele.


Trip to Istanbul, early July 2010.


Istanbul, Turkey. Summer 2010.


Snowy days, badly mishandled film


A few days on Pelješac peninsula on a film. Summer 2009.


One snowy Sunday in mid-December 2009.


A roll of long gone DM Paradies 100, May 2009.


IR film from 2009.